School projects in Budapest

DML Hungary Kft. finished several successfull projects in educational instutes in Budapest. What is common in these projects regarding elementary schools in the XIX:th district in Budapest are a full service of light upgrading containing:

  • Financial planning (and advanced payment if necessary)
  • 3D planning
  • mensuration
  • logistics
  • implementation

Other common point is that we managed to install fixtures in gym as well  as clasrroms, lobbies, social blocks, toalets, kitchen, etc. Images and diagrams are here to illustrate the results of these projects though are belonging to mainly  Kispesti Bolyai János Elementary School.

  • energy savings: 53%
  • savings on energy bill: 3,6 million Ft
  • improvement of light quality
  • improvement of light intensity
  • lower maintenence rates
  • reduce or terminate working noise of fixtures
  • 3-5 years warranty

As per this example in the XIX. district of Budapest, we managed to replace 761 pieces of fixtures in only 5 weekends without disturbing the education in the school.


*this diagram shows not only data of energy savings but all the energy savings of the Bolyai School combined


One of our main projects in 2016 was the full light-reconstruction of Pipacsvirág Bilingual Elementary School in Telki. We replaced almost every fixture in the building to energy saving LED and Induction lamps. That is 603 pieces of fixtures in total. It took us only 10 days to replace this huge amount of fixtures without disturbing education by working only on weekends.


Amazing improvement in light intensity per schools (each color represents one school)


This project is materialized due to an ESCO finance and maintanance-contract solution, which means that the customer pays the whole project from the savings that the newly installed fixtures bring. Whats more, the customer needs 0% of own resources. Our partner in ESCO financing takes the responsibility for a 5 years maintenance service AFTER the 4-5 year warranty period of LED and Induction products.

It means that during an 10 year old period maintenance and payback is granted and also comfortable. This reason for this to be realized is the huge 61,4% of energy savings on LED and Induction fixtures. Not mentioning that measurement data shows even bigger number on energy savings.


dml_hungary_referencia_pukas_ferenc_iskola (9)

An example for replacing old T8 light tubes to modern and more powerful Induction high bay fixtures for the Council of the district of Budapest is the gym of Bolyai János Elementary School.

During the implementation we replaced 88pieces of old 2x58 armatures to 44 pieces of DMLS HB-21 Induction high bays in the range of 120-150 and 200W. This replacement brought a huge 40% on energy savings for the school.

Chosing various range of power is due to compensating asimmetric matrix of the fixtures. This way we managed to create a homogen light environment. Huge advantage of high bay lighting is that from this height it is perfect to give an optimal lighting power without any flares or too highlighted areas on the ground.

Less maintenance is an important question and is a considerable option when chosing a fixture in such an institute. 

The whoole implementation project was taken place during only one weekend. 30 year old school will use this induction lighting for 20 years from now on. Success of this project was so obvious that the local council decided to spread this idea of developement and we had the opportunity to implement induction fixtures in other 3 elementary school's gym in the area:

  • Eötvös József Elementary School
  • Puskás Ferenc Elementary School
  • Vass Lajos  Elementary School

Further more a nother elemntary school in Százhalombatta (Hungary) became the part of this light upgrading project:  Lighting of the the gym of Kőrösi Csoma Sándor Elementary School had also been updated in 2016.