…for a brighter future!

The DML Hungary Ltd. is the distributor of the innovative, digital magnetic induction technology, called DML (Digital Magnetic Light), in Hungary.

Our Company offers low-power, environmentally friendly light sources and fixtures, having high luminous flux, 100 000 hours of lifetime and 5 years warranty, due to the induction technology.

DML induction lighting technology is mainly used for high power and general lighting of industrial-, agricultural-, commercial- and sport facilities.

The unique and special coil ring system, magnetically induced, gas-discharged and digitally controlled induction light source is characterized by energy-efficient operation, very long lifetime and physiological tested, flickering- and glare-free (210 kHz) light quality. The colour temperature and colour rendition of the light source is close to natural light. The efficient power consumption results generates significantly less heat. The light sources do not emit overtone signals, so they do not oppress the network needlessly, and because of the performance, they do not cause fermentation and foul-up in other electronic devices. This technology needs remarkably low maintenance. It is a certified technology; it corresponds to the European standards (CE, EMC), and it is fully compatible with the current systems, electrical outlets (E27, E40 and terminal block).

The DML technology is even less known at all in Europe, but it has started its gaining ground outside the mainland. We can find among the references, inter alia, Sydney Bridge in Australia, and the second longest suspension bridge in the USA, the symbol of San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge shines in DML light too.

The owners of the investor company, which was involved in our firm recently, insure the high-level relations and the social capital, which belongs to it, and the stable financial background to our activities. The DML Hungary Ltd. aims to achieve the available energy-saving with the induction technology, to reduce the environmental pressures, to upgrade the lighting systems with this technology. We strive for long-term and on mutual advantages based connection with our customers.  Besides the sale we also can assist in design, shipping, workmanship, funding tasks too.