We upgraded lighting at Air Trade Centre Hungary Kft. in Budaörs both with LED and induction.

In the offices of Air Trade Centre Kft. at Budaörs (Hungary) 4x18W, 2x36W, 1x58W fixtures originally installed with conventional light tubes have been modified so that new LED light tubes could be installed into them.

replaced items:

  • 4x18W T8 →4x9W T8 LED tube
  • 2x36W T8 →2x18W T8 LED tube
  • 1x58W T8→ 1x27W T8 LED tube

At some areas within the office buildings GU10 and E14 lightsources have also been replaced to more powerful LED light sources with longer lifespan.

Regarding to the warehouse induction has been picked by DML Hungary Kft. as a solution for renewing the whole lighting matrix containing conventional 2x36W ligh tubes by installing DMLS HB-21 induction high bay fixtures instead.

Reference images:

Installed fixtures, light sources: