CHIO Intersnack final stage

We finished the final stage of a major light upgrading project in CHIO factory in Hungary at the end of 2017 We are happy and sad at the same time as it was a pleasure to work with such an exellent customer like Intersnack Hungary Kft. This stage contained warehouse areas and external lighting around the whole site.  We instaled a digital supervising control system for the fixtures to wor...
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Creaton South-East Europe Kft.

In 2016-2017 DML Hungary Ldt. updated the internal and external lighting at Creaton South west Europe Kft. roof tile factory. In this project we used both induction and LED solutions: as for the factory inside the building it was obvious that we have to use induction since the temperature was extremely high in the halls. Outside of the building we have chosen LED fixtures for their easy installa...
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BOSCH logis tics center at Szirmabesenyő

In 2017 DML Hungary Ldt. renovated the external and internal lighting of the logistics center of BOSCH We are proud that a huge company like Bosch has chosen DML Hungary Ldt. for both planning and installing fixtures at Szirmabesenyő in their Logistics Center. This project was based on the developed LED fixtures with 140 Lm/Watt technology.  After finishing the project the comment of the chief e...
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Car repair workshop – Budapest city hall

We have been asked for renovating the car repair workshop of the city hall in Budapest in september, 2017 Our duties were the following when starting the renovation in the car repair workshop at the headquarters of the chief major's office: overall cleaning of the workshop painting new resin floor lighting upgrade We finished our work in less than 3 weeks. Induction high bay (DMLS HB-21) and r...
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Back to the future (of schools)

School projects in Budapest DML Hungary Kft. finished several successfull projects in educational instutes in Budapest. What is common in these projects regarding elementary schools in the XIX:th district in Budapest are a full service of light upgrading containing: Financial planning (and advanced payment if necessary)3D planningmensurationlogisticsimplementationOther common point is that we ma...
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CHIO III-rd. stage

Over the III-rd. stage at the factory of CHIO Intersnack Magyarország Kft. in Győr From 2014 to 2016 we have upgraded the lighting at CHIO Intersnack Magyarország Kft. in 3 different stages. Since CHIO is a food industry plant, we had to deal with high temperature and greasy, oily environment both when planning and organising works. Our choice was of course DMLS induction lighting technology bec...
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Prysmian Hungarian Cable Factory

Prysmian Hungarian Cable Factory 750 pcs of induction lamps have been delivered and installed at different halls of Prysmian MKM cable factory in Balassagyarmat. DMLS HB-A and DMLS HB-21 induction fixtures have been mounted to banish the old style yellow-orange lighting color produced by previous Natrium fixtures. DMLS induction technology with 5000K fixtures applied are able to have the colorte...
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Hungarian Market projects

Capital Council's Management of Market Places (CSAPI) - market developements DML Hungary is proud to be involved in several lighting upgrade projects of several market places in Budapest as a general constructor.Longterm connection among the capital's market developement team and our company (both professionally and informally) is an important part of our work. Here we present 3 outsending ...
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Pipacsvirág Iskola

Pipacsvirág Általános Iskola, Telki - teljes világítás rekonstrukció Az elmúlt év egyik kiemelkedő feladata és eredménye volt a DML Hungary Kft. számára a telki Pipacsvirág Általános Iskola világításának teljes rekonstrukciója. ...A beruházás 10 munkanap alatt valósult meg. "Kis" erőfeszítéssel, jelentős eredmény! Javul a munkakörülmény, javul a munkamorál, az energiagazdálkodás, a költségvetés, ...
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Pipacsvirág Elementary School in Telki

Light reconsctruction of the Pipacsvirág elementary School in Telki was one of DML Hungary Ltd.'s major projects. Despite the scale of the building and the huge amount of fixtures needed to be replaced the project was finished within only 10 days. Big resoult with "small" effort as one could say. Cionditions of work, the mood of the pupils and teachers, or the overall moral of the whole communi...
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