in 2012 we had the opportunity to plan and install the lighting of the Baross Health Center from the very beginning of the construction works.
Both inside and outside DMLS induction fixtures had been installed:
internal lights: DMLS TC, CEL-362, CEL VENUS hidden ceiling fixtures
external lights: DMLS RF-553, ST-639

We had to plan the lighting as per the various types of usage in the building, such as:

  • Phisycoteraphy
  • examination
  • reception
  • lab
  • coocing and dining
  • social activities
  • parking

We are thankful for our constructor partner company, KeS Kft. as they prooved how longterm-thinking (regardless of making more money by choosing cheaper products with low quality) can actually be more efficient both economically and financially by choosing DMLS induction technology (among the first pioneers discovering and dare to use this new technology).

Luckyly their choice prooved them right and how a 5 year varranty can maintain the quality and cost-efficency which is good not only for investors but for the operating services company as well.