We finished the IV.th final stage of a major light upgrading project in CHIO factory in Hungary at the end of 2017

We are happy and sad at the same time as it was a pleasure to work with such an exellent customer like Intersnack Hungary Kft.

This stage contained warehouse areas and external lighting around the whole site.  We instaled a digital supervising control system for the fixtures to work only when it is necessary in the warehouse area. this maintenance system can be controlled via tablet, cellphone or computer.

We reached an extraordinary 30-40% savings simply by changing the fixtures to more energy efficient types, but this number can be increased with the controlling system by reducing the working hours of the lamps.

With these images below we would like to say thank you for the employees of CHIO Intersnack Kft.  for letting DML Hungary be part of rebuilding the whole facility's lighting system since 2014.

Reference images: