Over the III-rd. stage at the factory of CHIO Intersnack Magyarország Kft. in Győr

From 2014 to 2016 we have upgraded the lighting at CHIO Intersnack Magyarország Kft. in 3 different stages.
Since CHIO is a food industry plant, we had to deal with high temperature and greasy, oily environment both when planning and organising works.
Our choice was of course DMLS induction lighting technology becaouse of its durability and tolerance for extreme surcumstances. We delivered DMLS HB-21 and DMLS TP-800 fixtures.

We often had to put these lamps right above oven furnace, but after more than 2 years now we can say their high resistance for heat load has been proven.

During construction works we changed the previous layout of armatures for better lighting result, also power circiuits and power distribution units have been replaced, but the essence of this project is that the lighting became "smart" - turning on only when or where it's necessary:

Light- and motion sensors control power circuits regarding the required place, time, or lighting circumstances. The process can be followed or even controlled wireless by a smartphone or a PC making the lighting system far more energy efficient.

As a part of the project in 2015 we managed to istall emergency lighting in the factory. We can say the efficency of the emergency lighting with 3W LED fixtures installed, is enough not only in emergency situations but even for manufacturiung as well...
but let the pictures speak for themselves:

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