Capital Council's Management of Market Places (CSAPI) - market developements

DML Hungary is proud to be involved in several lighting upgrade projects of several market places in Budapest as a general constructor.
Longterm connection among the capital's market developement team and our company (both professionally and informally) is an important part of our work.

Here we present 3 outsending references of this projects:
Rákóczi Square Market Place, a Kórház Street Market and Flórián Square Shopping mall.

Rákóczi square market place

Our special mission at Rákóczi Square Market Place was to upgrade the lighting while considering the historical values of the building by keeping the original glass ball fixtures and replacing only the obsolete halogen or compact lightsources in them. We used DMLS VENUS JX 50W E27 3500K compact induction light sources to achieve pleasent, homogeneous lighting:

we partially modified some of the fixtures, removed diffusers around the lightsources (making the hall visually more "open" by highlighting the historical structure of the building), and replaced all demaged sockets.
As per the feedbacks of employees, renters and even loyal costumers and visitors in the beautiful Market Hall which has been in highlights since christmas, 2016 by our company, our work was well done.

For DMLS VENUS lightsources 60.000 work hours and 3 year lifeterm is guaranteed.

Proof of our successful light upgrade are light intensty increased by 80%, and power consumption reduced by 42%.

Flórián Square Market Center

The following areas were under scrutinity when starting lighting modernization at Flórián Square Shopping Mall:

- Basement and service corridors
- loading ramps
- emergency lighting

The obsolate light tubes in open and IP protected fixtures were replaced to LED light tubes at the basement corridor. We paid attention to use T8 LED tubes in the IP protected "closed" fixture regarding the lack of ventillation inside the lamp, therefore we are hoping (and calculate) better lifeterm for the tubes.
Weaknesses of the main power circuit came out during only the costruction works so we had to replace the whole system for safety reasons and to fulfill electricity standards.

After finishing the project the results of energy consumption are remarkable:
Light intensity increased while getting a 55% of savings on electricity. We proudly outline that the investors gained a full financial return within less than a year despite the 0-24 hour work time in the market area.

Installed light source:

Kórház Street Market

Construction at Kórház Street Market was a complex project as both internal and external fixtures were replaced while maintaining the full work capacity of the market.
250W Halogen reflectors were replaced in the interior to 150W DMLS RF-005 fixtures and wall mounted, T8, and street lamps were used as external lighting.
We managed to achieve 42% of energy consumption here beside the satisfaction of the staff and visitors as well at the market place.

Installed fixtures: