DML Technology

The unique and special coil ring system magnetically induced, gas-discharged and  digitally controlled induction light source is characterized by energy-efficient operation, long lifetime and physiological tested, flickering- and glare-free (210 kHz) light quality. The color temperature and color rendition of the light source is close to natural light (CRI > 80). The efficient power consumption generates significantly less heat. The light sources do not emit overtone signals, so they do not oppress the network needlessly, and because of the performance, they do not cause fermentation and foul-up in other electronic devices. This technology needs remarkably low maintenance, practically, it does not exist. It is a certified technology; it corresponds to the European standards (CE, EMC, etc.), and it is fully compatible with the current systems, electrical outlets (E27, E40 and terminal block).

The advantages of the induction lighting technology:

  • 5 years warranty,
  • 100 000 hours of lifetime,
  • requires low maintenance,
  • low energy consumption,
  • low heat emission,
  • immediately ready for operation, instantly back light, there is no heat-up and cool-down time,
  • it offsets the voltage fluctuation in ± 30% range,
  • flickering- and glare-free, operating on 210 kHz frequency,
  • compatible with the current standards (E27, E40, terminal block),
  • operating in -25 C° to +70 C° outside temperature,
  • the color rendition is favorable to the human eye, it is close to the natural daylight (CRI >80),
  • the magnetic (induction) coil ring system, which makes no scattered radiance in the environment,
  • the loss of illuminating-flux is very low during the lifetime (20% during 80 000 h),
  • high-efficiency electronic ballast,
  • high energy utilization (Cos ɸ > 0,98)
  • it does not emit overtone signals in the network,
  • wide range of color spectrum and color temperature (2700 K – 6500 K),
  • environment-friendly,
  • prime price/value rate.