Producing hall of EMF Kft. in Kisvárda (HU) is equipped with induction since 2012

We had the opportunity to del iver induction lighting to EMF Kft. several occasions since 2012 both outside and inside their producing halls. At the producing areas we installed induction High Bay and in the office, suspended ceiling fixtures and wall mounted fixtures have been installed.

DMLS TC and CEL-362 induction are perfect for the low inner height (3m) as their 210kHz working technology and homogene lighting produces an optimal working environment.

in the producing hall we chose DMLS HB-21 induction high bay fixtures with a maximum color temperature rate: 6500K

As per the external lighting: DMLS RF-553 floodlights were installed above the truck gates with motion sensors avoiding unnecessery working hours of the fixtures.

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