The dam of the water reservoir in Lázbérc (Hungary) of the Northern Hungarian Waterworks INC is crowned with induction streetlights

At the Water reservoir of ÉRV Waterworks in Lázbérc the same types of induction fixtures have been installed as at the parking lot of IKEA, and the Hungarian Post by DML Hungary Kft. But speeking of water reservoirs the most relevant example would be ÉDV Zrt, the Nortern Transdanubia Waterworks, where we installed the same induction lamps:
DMLS ST-008 induction candelabra - this fixture is equipped with a newly develeoped "diamond-pattern" mirror system providing 20% more powerful and more optimal lighting. (We used 5000K lamps) It is important for safety reasons as the cameras would give a clearer image observing the area. Apart form delivering the fixtures DML Hungary was in charge for installation not only the fixtures but the columns with the concrete foundations.

Reference images:

Installed light sources: