LED shoplighting upgrading at one of the sport-shops of Football Factor on Andrássy Blvd in budapest

We have been given the opportunity to be the constructors of Football Factory's shop on Andrássy Bulevard, Budapest.

During the works we installed LED spot lights instead of halogene fixtures that were producing a larg amount of heat.
A TLED 311 30W 4000K are very well designed for these kinds of situations where (for example in shops) certain products has to be highlighted with the best color rendering to attract costumers.

DML Hungary organized it's work when the shop was closed to avoid any interruption in opening hours.
From the first time new fixtures ware turned on, satisfaction of emplayees was comfirmed inmediately. Not only for the better lighting performance but less heat in the shop as well.

Less heat is so remarkable, it will even reduce the energy consumption of the airconditioning resulting actually a secundary savings on energy consumption.

Installed fixtures: