Lighting upgrade of Galvánplastik Kft. with LED technology was an all-round project

At the producing plant of Galvánplastik Kft. at Székesfehérvár (Hungary) our duty was a full upgrade of the power system containing the replacement of the fixtures. 3 different types of LED fixtures have been installed in the galvanzation and injection molding halls:

  • LED panels at the office area,
  • LED high bays at the producing halls
  • LED light tubes and polycarbonate fixtures at the socian and office area.

At the working stations we used integrated LED fixtures. We renovated the external lightings as well with LED street lights and flood lights connected to motion sensors for reducing the power consumption. At the new galvanization hall not only did we change the fixtures but we carried out the power upgrading by installing power distribution units, and safety lighting as well.

The resoult of our work was obvious as documented in the pictures. We even had to change the layout of the fixtures optimized for the working places.