One of the most complex references of DML Hungary Kft. is the logistics center of the Ghibli Corporation

We replaced the outdated indoor and outdoor fixtures in offices, warehouse- and producing halls, and other social areas at Ghibli Corporoation with NVC Lighting products provided by our partner: Icon Technology Kft.

dml_hungary_referencia_ghibli (1)

Partnership with Icon Technology is flowless as both of our companies is related to lighting commerce. Therefore we are corporating on a very high level of technology to avoid any conflict in project management and to avoid any latency in finising both in timing and financially. A project like this can show a very good example for other logisitics companies to develope in lighting.

Comparison images are here to demonstrate the increasement of lighting power in the warehous and office areas as well.

Fortunately Icon Technology has a very wide range of product available in its portfolio, which was very handy when chosing the most optimal solutions in different types of areas in the producing plant. This was a very healthy cooperation of the professional product selection of Icon and the professianal technical skills of DML Hungary.

Reference images: