Internet based sport lighting in Gyirmót - Hungary

Lighting upgrade of the football court of Gyirmót FC was a special project to DML Hungary Kft. We are proud to not only solving the problem but managed to solve it with an up to date solution: internet based controlling of the whole system. This way one can check and control the lighting with a simple smartphone or tablet. (Even the temperature of electric switch cabinet can be displayed within the application)

136 pieces of halogen sport lighting fixtures were installed on 4 columns (34/each) with the height of 40 meters.

What made even the planning difficult was to create 3 different lighing levels:

  • 400lux for trainings
  • 800lux for matches
  • 1400lux for TV broadcasting

Therefore we used 3 different types of the reflectors regarding to the lightbeams (30°, 60°, 120°) mixed on the columns for optimal light intensity per each level.

While giving our best on sports lighting we handeled special requests of the owner as well for example highlighting advertisements around the football court.

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