One of the stores of Hajdú Coop in Debrecen has been upgraded with Induction fixtures in 2011

Several types of fixtures have been replaced at the store in Debrecen as not only the shop area but storages and other service areas were part of the replacement of lamps in Hadú Coop, Debrecen.  In the shop we replaced suspended ceiling fixtures with light tubes to the same 60x60 shape DMLS TC Induction fixtures for theirlow maintenance and massive build quality. These lamps are serving there for more than 5 years without any problems which prooves how duraple these fixtures are.

In the storages  DMLS TP fixtures have been installed as they have polycarbonate cover though powerful enough while consuming only 40-50W per fixture.

As for the final result,  70% of the electric power is saved while keeping the maximum amount of the light as it was before.

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