External lighting with DMLS induction street lights at the National Logistics Center of Hungarian Mail Company (Magyar Posta Országos Logisztikai Központ) were installed in 2012 and they are working flowlessly since than - prooving that induction technology is a durable solution. At the center of the logistics area we installed DMLS ST-008 induction fixtures onto a very high, 20m column while other fixtures are on 5-6 meters high columns.

It was the case when the uninterrupted working flow had to be ensured. The light upgrading was so effective that it can be observed from even the nearest motorway especially when comparing to old natrium lamps of the neighbour areas and plants. Light power and highlighted areas are important for safer working environment as this logistics center of the Hungarian National Mail  is a 0-24 working hours institution.

After finishing this replacement of the fixtures an official report has been created with the exact numbers regarding to light power provided by the new fixtures, prooving our calculations very well!

We can proudly declare that the power consumption decreased by a 50,6% rate while applying 150W induction fixtures instead of 250W natrium fixtures based on the mesurements of the Hungarian Mail.

Reference images:

Installed fixtures: