Our most outstanding reference in 2013 was the outdoor lighting upgrading of IKEA Budaörs (Hungary)

We had to find a solution for many situations at the parking lot of IKEA Budaörs:

  1. overall lighting on columns in the parking lot
  2. vertical lighting of the frontage
  3. lighting of the outdoor flags
  4. lighting of the outdoor information panel

As usual, this project started with the 3D planing of the whole area for getting the optimal number and power of lamps needed.
We replaced natrium lamps to DMLS ST-008 induction street lights in the parking area. The first visual difference is the color of the light sources as one drives through the parking area now. Since we have chosen high color temperature fixtures the parking lot is now much more brighter than it was before.
Regarding to facage of the furniture giant IKEA DMLS RF-005 was our choice for its compact and durable design. In these kinds of situations the big advantage of induction is color rendering, how the colors will appear in reality. Becouse of induction's 210kHz work frequency and good color rendering, blue and yellow are really vivid.
For the flags and information plates we used the smaller DMLS RF-006.

Reference images: