A series of success story

We started our relationship with Industár Kft. in 2014 by providing 8 pieces of DMLS HB-21 induction high bay for testing. After a short period of measuring energy consumption of these fixtures and light intensity we ended up with delivering 184 pieces of induction lamps such as reflectors, streetlights and park lamps besides of high bays.

Izgalmas feladat volt az igen eltérő területeket (raktárcsarnok, alacsony belmagasságú, nagy fényigényű üzemterület, térvilágítás és parkvilágítási feladatok) a legoptimálisabb indukciós megoldással kialakítani.

It has been 3 years now without any complaints of the fixtures, whats more, we have been informed that all our calculations regarding to the strength of lighting and the savings on energy too are proven to be correct and the employees are satisfied with the overall effects of the illumination.


We are very pleased to be informed that their next producing plant will be equipped with our products in the following years.

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