In 2014 Jász-Plasztik began an enormous light upgrade project.

Its an honour that a company with such a past, like Jász Plasztik decided to use DMLS inducion lighting in its factories.

We installed DMLS HB-22 fixtures in Jászberény at the warehouses and factories. In the offices DMLS CEL VENUS, DMLS CEL-600 downlights and DMLS TC 60x60cm suspended ceiling lamps are installed.

A light upgrading project with that scale needs exact planning. Fortunately this is not a problem to our company, so we decided to create all the 3D models of the halls and offices of Jász Plasztik and calculated every inch of the spaces for exact calculations regarding to both financially and light power requirements.

Here are some of the renderings of the simplified but exact 3D plans:

In the offices the fixtures have been seleccted carefully for not only getting the most optimal lighting power but also provide a well designed solution creating a suitable and nice work environment.

Speciality of this project was to deliver safety light fixtures as well which was a huge responsibility and a big achievement as always. Since induction technology can not be combined with inverters, we needed light tubes for making a safe and simple safety lighting system in the whole factory.

Reference images: