Lighting of the Gym of KMO cultural center in Budapest has been updated with induction floodlights

KMO (Kispesti Munkásotthon, Művelődési Ház), a cultural institution in the XIX: district of Budapest is a well known and well developing cultural center in the area.

For keeping the standard of their services it is the best to upgrade their lightings for an energy saving and powerfull solution. Therefore their choice was DLMS RF-005 induction floodlight in their gym to power up the light intensity while keeping the low energy costs. Also the electrical cabinet and its groundings have been replaced.

Before the lighting upgrade 24 pieces of 3x36W fixtures were mounted in the gym, which means 72 pieces of light tubes to be maintained continously by special scaffolding to reach them. Now in contrast we have only 24 pieces of induction reflectors mounted including a 5 year warranty per each.

It's important that now there is 3-400 lux wich is above the regulation standard. Whats more, we replaced warm light to 4000K lighting freshing up the whole object instead of producing a drowsy lighting environment.

Not only we managed to increase light intensity but we did it while reducing the power concumption by a huge 60% rate.

Installed fixtures: