For higher light intensity and lower costs Bolyai János Primary School has chosen digital magnetic lighting system (DMLS) instead of old fluorescent lamps.

We managed this project not only with the aim of saving money for another establishment, but to give the opportunity to a school to show example for children and for teachers as well to “think out of the box”, to be able to show other options, to extend the nowlegde of students and give a wider perspective on saving the environment.

We installed 44 pieces of 120 and 150W induction high bay lighting instead of 88 pieces of 2x58W old fluorescent lamps.

Not only we managed to reduce power consumption but we doubled light intensity in the gym wich reasulted 500-800 lux on the ground.

The whole modernization took only a weekend so that the education was not interrupted, none of the classes were cancelled.



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