Magyar Telekom (Telekom Hungary) updated it's parking lot's lighting to induction in Kelenföld - Budapest

We replaced 250W mercury lightsources to DMLS RF-006 80W induction floodlights and DMLS ST-008 80W streetlights in the parking lots of Kelenföld headquarters of Magyar Telekom  in the summer of 2013.  As a resoult, energy consumption of this parking area is succesfully reduced from 9,6A to 2,3A while doubling the power of the illumination. Although we kept (copied) the angle of the floodlights as it was mounted before, regarding to increased lighting power we had to set the angle lower  after a couple of  complains of habitants in front of the parking area. Since then everything works as it should without any complains.

Quoting one of the guards of the parking lot: "i could bearly see cars properly before and now i can read the their plates well from the picture of the cameras"

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