Halogen floodlights and old light tubes were replaced to induction in Market Place at Fehérvár Road

A complete change of lighting method has been advised to the maintenance operator company to rethink the installation of the lighting. Since the facility was opened floodlights were planned and installed in the Market Place at Fehérvári Road giving a very unconfortable and uneffective way of lighting resoulting extremely lighted areas and areas in complete shadow at the same time. It was not even expensive to maintain but a very bat solution for lighting such a huge place.

dml_vilagitastervezes_referencia-1It was obvious that we have to deal with using fixtires right above the escalated terraces. It was not the cheapes but a terminal and effective solution that was finally approved by CSAPI - Capital Directorate of Markets in Budapest.

This method needed proper 3D planning (as per the image on the left) for the optional number and spots of fixtures.

There were other areas in the market place where old types of light tubes were replaced to DMLS TC low maintenance fixtures which was also a huge and effective step for saving money and achieving powerful lighting in the whole market.


Reference images:

Installed fixtures: