Extreme conditions in Mátrai Erőmű power plant in Hungary

Mátrai Erőmű (a power plant in the northern mountens in Hungary, called Mátra) is a longterm partner of DML Hungary Kft. we delivered induction fixtures to them several times.

This time we had to pick a fixture that is durable - regarding to the extreme producing  conditions like heat, dirt and dust - wich is a low-maintenance lamp but not that expensive as there were hundreds of them to be installed. That is why we decided to use DMLS induction type DMLS TT-502 fixture.

In the workrooms or producing halls we installed the popular DMLS HB-21 with a wide light beam as per the medium inner hight (5-6m)  to avoid overlighted spots. At the narrow maintenance corridors and bridges we picked the special DMLS TT-502 induction tunnel lighting fixtures
Outside the plant we installed hundreds of DMLS ST-008 fixtures with their outstanding comfort of lighting.

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