Extended light upgrading project at Salgótarján sites of Nógrád-Print Ldt. including several different halls, warehouses.

More different types of fixtures have been planned and installed at the sites of Nógrád-Print Kft. regarding to the desired light intensity, inner height, and existing power supply:
At the manufactoring halls, where light intensty and color rendering were an issue DMLS HB-21 induction high bay fixtures were used for their high lighting quality and comfort.
80W power with 5000K was the best mixture for better font recognition and color rendering.

At the areas with lower ceiling heights light tubes were replaced with T8 LED tubes producing the same light intendity while consuming only half of the power to the original ones.

Exterior lighting was upgraded also with induction lights: with the DMLS ST-008 induction fixtures energy savigs are close to 50%!

Reference images: