Prysmian Hungarian Cable Factory

750 pcs of induction lamps have been delivered and installed at different halls of Prysmian MKM cable factory in Balassagyarmat.
DMLS HB-A and DMLS HB-21 induction fixtures have been mounted to banish the old style yellow-orange lighting color produced by previous Natrium fixtures.
DMLS induction technology with 5000K fixtures applied are able to have the colortemperature at the halls similar to the Sun's which makes working at the factory more safe and comfortable.

This projekt was financially supported by an ESCO construcion which makes it unique.
This means that the credit provided by an ESCO investor was repaid by the savings of the cable company acchieved only by upgrading the lighting. By the way, the amount of saving is actually more than needed for the ESCO contrack.

During the 5 year period of this contrack the owner of the fixtures is the ESCO company and the cable company leases tham providing operation services of them as well.

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