We replaced old fashion Halogen fixtures to induction high bay lighting at SAPA Profiles Kft. at Székesfehérvár

Our biggest light upgrading project of 2015 was replacing traditional high bay fixtures to induction at SAPA Profils Kft. 30-50 lux were measured at some areas in the warehouse and producing halls of the company before upgarding to induction. After installing DMLS HB-21 high bay fixtures we managed to reach 250-300 lux level at the most of these areas.

Now lighting is strong and homogene which makes these places more safe and suitable for precise handwork.

Let us highlight the importance of planning here which is necessary in case of such a project like this. We produced several plans and we discussed it over and over again with the customer because for example some halls were full of extended machines and production lines with extreme inner hights. Fortunately our customer was aware of the situation with complicated installations so it was not a problem to decide rather based on plans as decide "in situ" when it would have been too late.

Reference images:

Installed fixtures: