Hamburger Hungária

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Paper drying section at Hamburger Hungária At Hamburger Hungária (no they are not producing hamburgers...) in the factory's paper drying section DMLS induction fixtures have to keep working in extreme heat conditions as there is sometimes 95°C in the area. Before the lighting upgrade electronic drivers of old halogen fixtures had to be located outside of the paper drying are to prevent any demag...
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MÁV (Hungarian Train Company)

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We updated lighting of an assembly hall for MÁV train company in Dunaújváros, Hungary When starting the project by checking the existing lighting it came out that the system is worst than we expacted, whats more, it was dangerous for working at one of MÁV's assembly halls. We start planning with redrawing the paths of the fixtures to follow the maintenance bridges for getting the most optimal so...
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