Hungarian Market projects

Capital Council's Management of Market Places (CSAPI) - market developements DML Hungary is proud to be involved in several lighting upgrade projects of several market places in Budapest as a general constructor.Longterm connection among the capital's market developement team and our company (both professionally and informally) is an important part of our work. Here we present 3 outsending ...
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Pipacsvirág Elementary School in Telki

Light reconsctruction of the Pipacsvirág elementary School in Telki was one of DML Hungary Ltd.'s major projects. Despite the scale of the building and the huge amount of fixtures needed to be replaced the project was finished within only 10 days. Big resoult with "small" effort as one could say. Cionditions of work, the mood of the pupils and teachers, or the overall moral of the whole communi...
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Pipacsvirág Iskola

Pipacsvirág Általános Iskola, Telki - teljes világítás rekonstrukció Az elmúlt év egyik kiemelkedő feladata és eredménye volt a DML Hungary Kft. számára a telki Pipacsvirág Általános Iskola világításának teljes rekonstrukciója. ...A beruházás 10 munkanap alatt valósult meg. "Kis" erőfeszítéssel, jelentős eredmény! Javul a munkakörülmény, javul a munkamorál, az energiagazdálkodás, a költségvetés, ...
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Air Trade Centre

dml_hungary_kft_referencia_air_trade_centre (9)
We upgraded lighting at Air Trade Centre Hungary Kft. in Budaörs both with LED and induction. In the offices of Air Trade Centre Kft. at Budaörs (Hungary) 4x18W, 2x36W, 1x58W fixtures originally installed with conventional light tubes have been modified so that new LED light tubes could be installed into them. replaced items:(old→new) 4x18W T8 →4x9W T8 LED tube 2x36W T8 →2x18W T8 LED tube 1x58W...
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