Waste sorting plants at Hejőpapi and Eger with induction lighting

The main goal of a 4,5 billion forints project of the Regional Waste Managment Corporation of Heves County with its 2 waste sorting plants built in Eger and Hejőpapi is to develope the system of solid waste management technology and also the selective actvity in the region.

It was a fitting job for DML-Hungary to install robust DMLS HB-30 IP65 induction fixtires to the newly built waste sorting plant.
HB-30 is a most powerful lamp with the biggest power factor available in our sortiment. It's homogen light, low maintenance needs, energy efficiency
and good price value ratio makes this induction highbay fixture a perfect choice for all kinds of industrial facilities with bigger inner hights.
With the 5000K color temperature chosen for the project, the lighting simulates daylight even at night shifts in the plant.

Reference images - Eger (Hungary):

Reference video:

Induction high bay fixtures can be seen well in this video.
(copyrights of this video belongs to Eger Television)

Reference images - Hejőpapi (Hungary):

Installed fixtures: